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@shfly3424나에겐 영원한꼬마 두동생들 일본투어 대박나라잉 보고싶다잉 ^^

@shfly3424The two dongsaengs that are forever kids to me, may your Japan tour be daebak, I miss you ^^  (c)


Sungmin’s fierce performance gets interrupted by Shindong resting… LOL…. [ fancam link ]

shake it baby.


SS5:  28 shows, 20 cities,16 countries, 100 % hard work , everlasting fun and memories, It might be over but SJ and ELF will forever last.

"It’s not an END but an AND" 

Please look forward to Super Junior because 2014 is the year of Super Junior

-- Eunhyuk - 140222 SS5 Beijing | cr:   (via monkeilii)